VETdata, the ideal data exchange platform for veterinary medicine

Instead of a confusing pile of paperwork, we provide a perfectly structured electronic filing system for all relevant business documents in a secure and always accessible location in a data center in Switzerland.


All TVS participants can view their TVS account online and see how the account balance changes during the month at any time.
In addition to the account statements, all other documents (interest statements, withholding tax statements, bonuses, dividends) are of course also available.


The invoices for orders placed via the Vetpoint platform can be viewed online. In addition to the original invoice from the supplier in PDF format, it is also directly structured with all relevant product details.

Digital archive

Store all other relevant documents such as correspondence, invoices for electricity, telecommunications, cleaning, etc. in the VETdata document archive and set the right keywords for retrieval. We ensure legally compliant digital storage for at least 10 years.
All documents stored on VETdata no longer need to be archived in paper form.